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Dear Internet, I am not dead. Love - Katie

So --- It's been like 3 years since I've posted here, and I have no idea how many people even check their friend's list but ... I'm here!

My life's been pretty dull. I have been getting in shape. Lost 25lbs, down to 122! I have dropped a startling seven inches off my butt and feel *awesome* for it.

I'm still fail on the job front and -- anyone that wants should totally hit me up on AIM because that's where I live after work ...

That's it.

Yeah my life's pretty dull.

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So a quick check of my LJ history informs me I haven't posted in over 5 months, yay!


So I doubt many of you don't know, but I have a job, and have had said job for almost four months now, yay! For those of you who don't know, my job is conducting background investigations for security clearances. I now work for the man. I have been working and I have plenty of stories, I'm just not supposed to tell them, how lame is that?

I've been sick since last wednesday :( which has been making my life kinda hard. As a new employee I don't really ever get much sick/vacation time, but that's kinda been pushed to the forfront right now as a stare at about 1.5 days of acrued sick leave and 3.5 days of vacation. 'hey that's a week off' you say, it also means I'll be working all through christmas 'vacation' regardless of the fact that no one else will be working or will want to talk to me at that time.

Most of my work is with the federal government, some of those people don't even come back to work after thanksgiving they have so much leave stored! Anyway I'm just crabby because I'm currently sick and run down with no end in sight and don't have enough leave to just take it easy.

I'll probably feel (mentally) better tomorrow, but in the meantime I'm pretty cranky.

Also bought a macbook, it's sexy!

Chain Meme

From klari

1) Total number of films I own on DVD/video:

On DVD, at least a lot not sure
On tape maybe the 3-4 vagely arty ones that haven't been put to DVD and probably never will

2) The last film I bought:

Attack of the Clones ... just a couple days ago ... because there was a long wait for it on netflix and it was on sale. That's my story and I'm sticking to it

3) Last film I watched:

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith in the theater.
On DVD, Attack of the Clones.

Discounting the Star Wars recent stuff:

Hitchhikers in the theater, Galaxy Quest on DVD ... It's a spacy kind of month.

4) Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:

Fellowship of the Ring - Because just because I can't get through the first 100 pages of the book is no reason not to go see the movie
Sliding Doors - for the weird alternate realities romantic comedy of crying and happy all at once
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - For when you just haven't seen Alan Rickman in a while, also funny line about a spoon.
Black Hawk Down - Because Orlando Bloom won me 5 bucks
The Di Vinci Code - Because OMFG they're making it into a movie too with Tom Hanks and I'm going to cry

1) Total number of books owned?

Lots and lots, even after I gave lots of them away to the nice library ladies.

2) The last book I bought?

Some manga for my sister. Brief History of Time for me

3) The last book I read?

"So you want to be a Wizard" Not really recommended, very 'kiddie' ... recently started "Magyk: Septemus Heap", "The Other Boleyn Girl" and "Brief History of Time". None are yet finished and Magyk and Boleyn will probably not be.

4) 5 books that mean a lot to me or that I read often?

The Di Vinci Code - People are still fucking buying this book, and not only are they buying it, they keep asking me when it's going to come out in paperback, the answer is 'when you stop fucking buying in hardcover you asses'
The Life of Pi - Because some customer asked me for the 'Life of Pee' and I giggled a lot
The Four Agreements - because every time someone asks me to find it for them they spend 20 minutes telling me how it changed their life and how they are buying 6 copies for their friends
On the Down Low - because it got me my first true yelling-at by a customer
Good Omens - Because it's a good fun book and I reread it most chances I get, it's proof of the awesomeness of both the writers and their amazing collaborative powers

5) Tag 5 people and have them fill this out on their ljs:


Have fun kids. And that'll teach Klari to ask me about books ;)

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Sorry I haven't updated recently, been tired.

The previous couple days not much happened. Worked at cash and got the usual amount of scammers and assholes. Had one customer bring inn over $920 in books to be returned. WTF? Also got hit on by a skeezy old guy: 'I didn't know they still let modles work here'. Joey and Sean voted that as definatly 'a pickup line' and I guess I'd be flattered a tiny bit if he wasn't so old and gross.

Saw Star Wars, opinions deserve a post of their own that I may or may not make.

Pet peeves from thursday: "I don't want to pay for this book, do you have a Xerox machine?" WTF? Why does this happe to me whhen I'm under rested already.

Which brings me back to the whole fact that I was 'on call' thursday. I took a look at the schedule when I got in, and there was just no way that they were going to be able to get by with the people they had scheduled without me. So why was I 'on call' why not just tell me to come in, schedule me, other than to fuck with me. I hate that.

Further instance of actions that made me want to shout 'go to the library' was a woman complaining about lack of electrical sockes for her laptop. Most libraries seem to be configured to fix this problem, but no, they have to come to my book store, drink their starbucks and piss me off.

Had a customer come up to me and start off a request with "I used to work in a bookstore and this sort of thing would always drive me crazy but ... *insert vague request for a book*" That kind of irked me. Ex-waiters tend to give good tips. I know I'll never think of a sales person as incompetant for not knowing a specific book. I know I'd never ask them for 'some red book that was over their several months ago' that's just lame. So why did she even ask? That's annoying.

Today I worked upstairs again. Got a phone call part way through "Can I speak to *store manager*". Me: "May I ask who's calling?" ... Woman: "What does it matter who I am ... It's *insert name of bitch ex-manager who now works in another store*" me thinks: *If I hadn't figure out that already from your sheer rudeness*. Some explaination is in order. This woman is one of those people who is sweet as pie nice to her bosses and 'equals' but looks down on anyon else, but only when no around other 'greater than or equal tos' so the next effect is the bosses like/love her and the workers hate her. Awesome combination. I hear the workers at the other store love her just as much as we did. At least she was only at our store temporily.

As another note, people with thick accents shouldn't get mad when you don't understand them and need them to repeat what they said.

Exciting news, $1000 has gone missing the store, bosses are under inspection. I think it's a little petty but it makes me feel good to have the managers sweat a little. Mostly because they take their jobs far too seriously and expect $7-10 an hours to be similarly dedicated to some bullshit mission statement.

Have the whole weekend off, it's very exciting. Will fill it with Warcraft and an attempt to write a mini-idea that popped into my head recently

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Sorry for not updating sooner I've been overcome with generalized malaise, also some ire.

So this weekend I planned to go see Mark in Philly, we'd been planning to get together for a while and it was cool. Yay! I was listed as being 'On call' for friday and so the plan was to go up friday if there was no call and saturday if there was, no big deal. Now, gentle reader, take a moment to think about what 'On call' means to you. ... ... Done? Ok moving on with the story.

Several months about our store implimented an 'on call' system to maximize ability to not pay people but still controll their time and minimize workers ability to make plans. The idea was they could respond quickly to high levels of customers. I had been 'on call' several times before, each time I waited on my ass until the appointed start time and then moved on with my life when the managers failed to call. Makes perfect sense.

Anyway, as I said before I was 'on call' friday. My appointed start time was 12pm so I generally vegged and watched some TV. At 12 I said 'sweet' and started making the preperations to go to Philly. Packed and ready to sit on my ass for a little while 12.30 rolled around and I get a call from B&N. So I'm thinking 'great' they're gonna call me in and steal my weekend, fuck that, they missed their window. I pick up the phone.

"why didn't you call in?" says my manager. And I'm thinking "Why didn't I call?" so I said exactly that. "That's what 'on call' means, you call us 2 hours before your start time and see if we need you". I'm poleaxed, WTF? that doesn't make any sense at all. So I say "I was under the impression you would call me if you need me, that's what 'on call' means." And he said "nope, come in". And at that point I *probably* should have just said 'ok' and gone in. But instead I said 'so I made plans contingient on not getting called, i didn't get called i'm doing my plans'.

Admittedly that probably wasn't the *good* choice, but damnit, I get paid $7/hour I'm not going to get pissed on and get paid shit. So I took the 'you're supposed to come in' and then went about my merry way. Have a fun time in Philly and generally bitched about the 'on call' thing. I mean shit, if they called it Metzenfoben or anything else it wouldn't be a big deal, but On Call means 'we call you if we need you, expect to come in if we do'. And so if you're going to call that 'on call' then fine, but you don't call 'call us 2 hours before your shift' on call!

So I went to work on Wednesday and did the cash thing. It was boring, I sold a ton of member cards and generally felt unfulfilled. I'm waiting on two job things, looking at one more at UMD but generally spinning my wheels. Had Thursday off, woo. And then today rolls around. I wake up and feel crappy. I think it was kinda allergies++ or something. But that's beside the point.

Now, normally I would go in. Hell once I got sick half way through a shift (literally, I hurled) but still stayed to finish out the shift. Most of my senior year I went to my 8.30 class even though I felt horrible every day. But it wasn't 'normally' I was pissed off about the On Call thing. I admit a description of it was posted near the schedules, I should have read it, but I'd been working on a pretty good assumption and had not called in several previous on calls. So I call in sick. I don't want to go to work and fuck them for being asses. On call is for important shit like doctors, not bookselling anyway.

I get the same manager who called me last friday 'hi, i'm sick, blah blah blah'. "You should have called 2 hours before your shift". *Huh?!* That doesn't make shit for sense. And I've called in sick with less than that much notice many times before. I was very sick last winter, and it's embarrasing and I hate it, but I mean I'm not saving the world here.

So anyway, the manager seemed quite mad at me. And that's ok, I guess I understand, but I wasn't feeling well and he's an ass anyway. And the punishment for 'not coming in if we need you for an on call shift' is the same as not coming in for a regular shift, and that's ok. I understand. I'll take it, thank you very much. The punishment is not *have the manager treat me like an irresponsible asshat*.But that seems to be what I've got.

So I'm wondering I feel kinda like talking to my 'big manager' about this, because he's taking out a previous misunderstanding on my ability to call in sick some other time, and that's not fair, on the other hand, I am parially to blame so do i have a right to bring it up? thoughts?

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Hey, sorry I didn't update my last day at work but it was kinda boring. So this'll have to cover the last two adventures in bookseller land.

Both of the days I was working at cash, which always leads to the best stories I think. Last Saturday I only had one interesting customer. He tried to pay with other people's personal checks. WTF? So he gives me two checks already filled out for $5 but with the Pay To: field not filled out. I suppose it was some sort of scam. He asked for a giftcard for $100, but when I wouldn't take the checks he just asked for it to have $90 on it. And then he paid in 5's and 1's.

Today I was also working at cash. One general thing is that apparently today was buy your porn day. I mean usually I get one maybe two people buying the Playboy/Penthouse/etc magazines but today I think there were at least 4 or more. Apparently monday is 'buy your porn day' and no one told me. Extra funny was one guy came up and said "I'm supposed to tell you one of my wife's friends is in this" ... um ... TMI :).

Had one lady who chatted on the phone the whole time and held up the checking out process quite a bit. It's really though to deal with people treating you like you are not a person and are just there to ring them up and take their money.

Oh man, so I think this is a pretty scammy thing. These people bring back really big art books and say that they are gifts. I took a look at the sales record for the last year and found that over the last year 3 copies had been returned to the store and none had been bought. I think people just steal these, they must, who knows, but it's just rediculous.

And I suppose I should put in a little rant on Member cards. These are cards, they cost $25 and you save 10% on everything in the store and online. They're really a great deal in general. People who buy like $70+ bucks worth of books and don't have them vaguely piss me off. But that's not really what I'm going to yammer about. Membership cards are one of those silly things that the bosses really care about but they don't have any insentives for. Well Saturday I sold 8 and today I sold ten go me!

Lots of days off this week. Talk to everyone later!